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How It All Began:
When I was 12 years old, I was allowed to choose the wallpaper for my bedroom for the first time. It was especially important to find one that would match the carpet, which was a 1970’s red and black sculptured nylon… so you can only guess how that went! I insisted on a wallpaper with red poppies because the red matched so well with the carpet. I felt at peace and balanced in that room for years- and so my fascination with coordinating colours began.

Interior Design:
Since that time, I have helped thousands of people with paint consults, assisted in hundreds of bathroom renos, kitchen renos, worked on cottages, small homes, BIG homes, offices, stores, restaurants, hotels, private clubs, and boats – so many fabulous clients and projects! The one thing I have l LOVED the most was making people feel less stressed by helping them with important decisions on painting and renovating. Time after time, I have been told “NOW I can sleep tonight!” I know I get more gratification out of relieving people’s stress and anxiety about paint colours than the personal satisfaction of seeing the job well done! While I love interior design and making a space beautiful, over the many years of my career, I have come to realize that what really excites me most about my work is creating that perfect colour palette.

My natural ability to coordinate colours has always been a gift and wherever I am, I see colour before any other details. While I’ve always intuitively known what will work or not when it comes to colour, I wanted to dive deeper into learning about and understanding how colour really works. It’s not about following fads or trends when choosing the right colours- it’s understanding people’s personal tastes, along with the art, science and psychology of colour. Fads or latest trend colours don’t speak to our soul, we need to dive into how we want our room to feel and selecting the correct and appropriate paint colour is the first step for this.

Further Education:
I wanted my intuitive colour skills to be backed up not only by my decades of applied professional experience, but also by a deep understanding of the art and science of colour. There’s something about how you intuitively understand how to use colour to achieve a client’s desired look, feel and experience of a space, but learning the science completes the natural knowing. What is crucial, is knowing a mismatched colour will have an undesired psychological impact on a person. By using all these tools and seeing a colour combination come together and work, it’s like “We nailed it and NOW I will sleep tonight!”

So in 2019, my colour passion became official with my education completed, my thesis accepted, and a full accreditation as a member of the International Association of Color Consultants-North America. I now serve as President on the board, am a member of the Colour Research Society of Canada and the Inter-Society Color Council. I’ve given many colour education webinars to various architectural firms, education and health-care institutions, and I’m always struck by how fascinating people find colour.

About Me:
I live with my family in Victoria British Columbia, on gorgeous and natural Vancouver Island. I am so inspired here by the forests, the beaches, the mountains, the gardens, and the ocean. I spend a lot of time hiking in the trees with my yellow lab, Leia, taking in all the richness of colour around me. When I’m not hiking, I’m spending time with family, friends, or creating colour palettes on my iPad! The deep changing hues of a forest make my heart sing and bring a grounding to my soul. Colour in nature speaks to ALL humans and is forever enduring.

I am so excited to share my keen love and understanding of colour and look forward to continuing to serve the Victoria region with in-person colour consultations and interior design. I care very deeply that where people live, work, and visit- the colour speaks to them and is not just randomly chosen because it plays such an important role in our mood and emotions.


Perfect Paint Palettes was created to share my passion of colour harmony on a broader scale, and to make it easier for all people everywhere who need help in choosing the perfect paint colours!

Some Past Clients

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Perfect Paint Palettes Story

Perfect Paint Palettes was born from 30 years of choosing paint colours for interiors and exteriors of homes.  I wanted to create a value to homeowners who perhaps couldn’t afford an interior designer or colour consultant and didn’t want to rely on their painter (or partner!) to choose a colour.  Colour palettes offered by paint manufacturers are often based on trends and change often. There are also too many choices, too many combinations, and it’s not straightforward.

Perfect Paint Palettes are hand-chosen and simple. They are driven by the scientific emotions of colour and focused on how you would like to feel in your space.

  • Each palette includes 1 white, 2 neutrals, 2 accents.
  • The colours are interchangeable: the neutrals could be used as accents or the other way around.
  • Colours will harmonize in any combination.
  • Colours will harmonize under D65 light (or noon natural daylight) where I chose them (unfortunately I can’t guarantee their harmony under all lighting conditions!)
  • Computer screens cannot be trusted for colour which is why the physical chips will be sent to you in the mail after your order.
  • I have used coordinating imagery to create a feeling or sentiment, as colour is the greatest emotional stimuli!
  •  As seen below, the completed palettes that come to you after purchased will be labelled Trim, Doors, Ceiling, Wall, Accent AND with the paint codes. These labels are only suggestions – you can use the colours anyway you like! For instance, the accents could be linens, furniture, accessories, draperies.

My hope is that you enjoy the videos, stir up some memories or feelings, feel at ease and excited about choosing your paint colours!