Selecting colours is a complex process and there are many factors. 
Please review the frequently asked questions below to learn more.  
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  1. What about my lighting? 
    What I know and can predict is these palettes will harmonize under D65 light (or noon natural daylight) where I chose them by hand. I’m not quite magical enough to perceive every light source, every light bulb, and every shadow!  So always do a test patch and if possible make sure that your lightbulbs are consistent in one room. Eg:  All one colour temperature.


  2. What about the direction my room/house faces? 
    I wish I could be in every location under every light condition, but since I cannot be, I can predict is these palettes will harmonize under D65 light (or noon natural daylight) where I chose them by hand.  Different directions and shadows can result in different colour appearances, so always do test patches!


  3. How can you choose colours without being in the space? There are many many facets of colour harmony. A few of the important facets is knowing and understanding colour families, it’s hue (or where a colour sits on the colour wheel), it’s chroma (or how bright or dull it is), and its value (how light or dark it is). If the right family relationship is in place with these facets, then the colours will harmonize.


  4. Shouldn’t I just hire a professional to come out? 
    Yes, you can get a professional to do a home visit, but these palettes are meant to be affordable- less expensive than an interior design or colour consultant visit.


  5. What exactly do I receive when I buy a color palette? 
    You will receive a PDF of the paint codes, an explanation sheet, and the physical chips will be mailed to your home address.


  6. What if I don’t like the colours after I’ve done a test area? 
    If you don’t like the colours after have received your paint chips in the mail and painted a few test areas, I’m happy to give you a one-time credit to try another palette. 
  7. Is there a guarantee or is there a refund? 
     I’m happy to give you a one-time credit to try another palette.  I cannot guarantee how the colours will look in your space or exterior, but once you have received your paint chips in the mail and painted a few test areas and find the colours just don’t work for you, email me and we’ll arrange the credit.


  8. How are these paint palettes different than those offered by the paint manufacturers? 
    These palettes are hand chosen by me, not an algorithm or a computer generated picker.  I have 30 years of experience in choosing paint colours for homes and commercial spaces and know what works and what doesn’t.  I understand at a deep level how colours harmonize and balance. These palettes do that.


  9. There are thousands of free paint palettes available online, why pay for one? 
    These palettes cost a fraction of what a professional interior designer or colour consultant would charge to do a home visit.  You are paying for my 30 years of professional experience and expertise in choosing paint colours for homes and commercial spaces and I know what works and what doesn’t.


  10. Can’t I just get my painter to pick the colour(s) I need? 
    Yes, you could, but I wouldn’t count on my electrician or plumber to choose my fixtures, just their expertise to install them!


  11. Can I send in photos for a custom palette? 
    This may come in the future, but sorry, I am not accepting photos for custom palettes at this point.


  12. Can I send in photos of my room or house for Sheri’s opinion? 
    Sorry, I simply don’t have enough hours in the day to look at everyone’s photos individually.


  13. How long will it take to receive my colour palette information? 
    You will receive your PDF with the paint codes within 24 hrs of receiving the order. The physical paint chips will arrive by mail.


  14. Can I share it with my friends? 
    I have worked hard and taken a lot of time to create each palette and ask you please do not republish, share or copy these paint codes on your social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Houzz, or any other online platform). 


  15. Is there any follow up? 
    I am certainly happy to follow up if you are unhappy with the palette by giving you a one-time credit for a different one, but at this time I simply don’t have time to follow up specifically to everyone’s painting project.
  16. Looking at paint colours online is not reliable.  The colours look different from computer screen to my phone screen. Yes, this is why we send you the physical chips.  Screens are not reliable for accurate colour! I chose these palettes by the chips, so I know they work physically.