Always do a test area! I wish I could be everywhere at once but I’m not magical enough to perceive every light source, light bulb, shadow, and of course everyone’s different sense of colour. What I do know and can predict is these palettes will harmonize under D65 light (or noon natural daylight) where I chose them by hand. Perfect Paint Palettes is not responsible if the colour didn’t turn out the way you hoped.

Refund Policy

After you have received your paint chips, painted a few test areas and the colours just don’t work, I am happy to give you a one-time credit to try another palette.

Reproduction and/or Duplication

Do not reproduce, duplicate, or copy the paint palette sheets, the videos, information, or photos without express permission.


Do not remove the Perfect Paint Palettes logo from any material.

Most Importantly …

I have worked hard and taken a lot of time to create each palette and ask that you please do not republish, share or copy the palettes with the paint codes on your social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Houzz, or any other online platform).

Please respect my hard work, thank you!